Goolgumbla, 7.1

Sire Code5000421987000071
Semen StatusUnavailable
SNP Genotype (yes/no) no
Poll DNA test n/a


OwnerBruce Rollinson
NSW 2716

Traits - 24 Sep 2019

Measured Traits MerinoSelect ASBV A
Post weaning greasy fleece weight (%) (PGFW) 17 (67%)
Yearling greasy fleece weight (%) (YGFW) 15 (79%)
Hogget greasy fleece weight (%) (HGFW) 13 (73%)
Adult greasy fleece weight (%) (AGFW) 11 (84%)
Post weaning clean fleece weight (%) (PCFW) 23 (67%)
Yearling clean fleece weight (%) (YCFW) 19 (79%)
Hogget clean fleece weight (%) (HCFW) 14 (72%)
Adult clean fleece weight (%) (ACFW) 14 (84%)
Post weaning fibre diameter (micron) (PFD) 0.5 (72%)
Yearling fibre diameter (micron) (YFD) -0.6 (86%)
Hogget fibre diameter (micron) (HFD) -0.5 (82%)
Adult fibre diameter (micron) (AFD) -0.5 (87%)
Post weaning fibre diameter CV (%) (PDCV) n/a  
Yearling fibre diameter CV (%) (YDCV) n/a  
Hogget fibre diameter CV (%) (HDCV) n/a  
Adult fibre diameter CV (%) (ADCV) n/a  
Post weaning staple strength (N/Ktex) (PSS) n/a  
Yearling staple strength (N/Ktex) (YSS) n/a  
Hogget staple strength (N/Ktex) (HSS) n/a  
Adult staple strength (N/Ktex) (ASS) n/a  
Post weaning staple length (mm) (PSL) n/a  
Yearling staple length (mm) (YSL) n/a  
Hogget staple length (mm) (HSL) n/a  
Adult staple length (mm) (ASL) n/a  
Post weaning fibre curvature (degrees) (PCUR) n/a  
Yearling fibre curvature (degrees) (YCUR) n/a  
Hogget fibre curvature (degrees) (HCUR) n/a  
Adult fibre curvature (degrees) (ACUR) n/a  
Weaning weight (Kg) (WWT) 0.8 (55%)
Post weaning weight (Kg) (PWT) 0.4 (67%)
Yearling weight (Kg) (YWT) 0.9 (81%)
Hogget weight (Kg) (HWT) 0.8 (78%)
Adult weight (Kg) (AWT) -0.4 (82%)
Weaning worm egg count (%) (WWEC) n/a  
Post weaning worm egg count (%) (PWEC) n/a  
Yearling worm egg count (%) (YWEC) n/a  
Hogget worm egg count (%) (HWEC) n/a  
Post weaning GR fat depth (mm) (PFAT) n/a  
Yearling GR fat depth (mm) (YFAT) -0.3 (43%)
Hogget GR fat depth (mm) (HFAT) n/a  
Post weaning eye muscle depth (mm) (PEMD) n/a  
Yearling eye muscle depth (mm) (YEMD) -0.2 (40%)
Hogget eye muscle depth (mm) (HEMD) n/a  
Number of lambs born (%) (NLB) n/a  
Number of lambs weaned (%) (NLW) n/a  
Carcass weight (kg) (CWT) 0.2 (62%)
Carcass GR fat depth (mm) (CFAT) n/a  
Carcass C-site fat depth (mm) (CCFAT) n/a  
Carcass eye muscle depth (mm) (CEMD) n/a  
Carcass dressing % (DRESS) -0.1 (34%)
Carcass lean meat yield % (LMY) n/a  
Carcass intramuscular fat (%) (IMF) n/a  
Carcass shear force (N) (SF5) n/a  
Classer Traits  
Yearling classer tops (%) (YTOPS) n/a  
Adult classer tops (%) (ATOPS) n/a  
Yearling classer culls (%) (YCULLS) n/a  
Adult classer culls (%) (ACULLS) n/a  
Early breech wrinkle (score) (EBWR) n/a  
Early breech cover (score) (EBCOV) n/a  
Late dag (score) (LDAG) n/a  
Late wool colour (score) (LCOL) n/a  
Late fleece rot (score) (LFROT) n/a  
Late wool character (score) (LCHAR) n/a  
Late staple weathering (score) (LWTH) n/a  
Conformation comments (BODYCONF) n/a  
Wool quality comments (WOOLQUAL) n/a  
Merino Dual Purpose Plus (DPP) 132 (30%)
Merino Production Plus (MPP) 139 (38%)
Fibre Production Plus (FPP) 129 (40%)
Merino Dual Purpose (DP) 112 (33%)
Merino Production (MP) 129 (40%)
Fibre Production (FP) 121 (42%)


HAY 1991 - Hay